Vendor Name : Vendor names are how our users search for and identify products to buy 

  at and order from.

  For this to be easy to do, vendor listings must be as user-friendly as possible.

  Here are a few guidelines that must be followed for vendor listings on ONE STEP WORK:

. VENDOR BOARD : Vendor names on OSW need to be written as they appear on the 

  board outside the shop.

. TAGLINES : Shop taglines and establishment types must not be mentioned in the name of the shop

  on OSW. People usually remember shop by name rather than by tagline, and also makes 

  them easier to search However, if a restaurant name has been legally registered with 

  the tagline, we will accept it.

. PRODUCT : Vendor do only update product which is available on shops while uploading

  it online. Product needs to be genuine and not to be fake or damaged. Damaged or fake 

  Product will get back to vendor without getting sell to customer. Vendor needs to upload

  Product images (NO COYRIGHT) . Product price needs to be same as it’s on local shop.

  Product  needs to be packed before our delivery boy reached the shop. Product needs

  to available if its live in the OSW App Or Website. Products description and the name needs

  be in right manner for the customer

. DELIVERY : Vendor needs to pack the product before delivery boy reach the shop. Our 

  member will contact to vendor if the product delivery take time . Vendor needs to talk with

  the customer If the product getting late for the delivery. Product packaging needs to be 

  done by vendor in 5 minutes. Vendor can call to delivery boy if the delivery boy not get in 


.  VENDOR REGISTRATION : Vendor registration will be done in 1 month after getting verify.

   after the verification vendor will get the pass and user id to upload the products online.

   before the verfication vendor needs to pay 500 Rs.for the registration and OSW will charge

   500 P/M for the maintence. Vendor need to do KYC by giving government proof copies

   like Adhar Card, Pan Card, Driving License, Voter Card) with two Photos. Vendor will get 

   inform by OSW team after getting done the registration.

.  VENDOR DELETION : Vendor will get delete after giving letter to OSW for requesting the

   deletion from the OSW App or Website. 

.  VENDOR BAN : Vendor will get ban if any of the terms & condition will not be 

  followed by the vendor.

.  VENDOR RESTORE : Vendor will get online if OSW team confirm all the complaints are 

   solved by vendor.